About Flat Irons Photo Club

Welcome to Flat Irons Photo Club! We are a small, local group of photography enthusiasts who like to share our passion for all things related to photography.

My name is Henry, and I am the president of the Flat Irons Photo Club. At the Club, we take photographers both new and seasoned and help instill the beauty of art of photography. This can mean a lot of things for many different people. Our main focus, though, is introducing new people to the art and showing them how to get started in this hobby that will excite them.

With that in mind, I started this site. I wanted to have a place where those new to photography could come learn how to conquer the basics. There is so much to learn when it comes to photography, and it becomes a lifelong endeavor to those who truly pursue it. With the basic knowledge needed, anyone can create works of art that teach and inspire others.

If you are just picking up a camera to begin exploring, or you have done photography for years, we welcome you. There is always more to learn, so come back often for new content. And, if you’re in the area, we hope to see you soon at Flat Irons Photo Club.